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Marriage, Love, Visa and Video Calls, 8 Nov 2022, Edinburgh

October 28, 2022

Where: Violet Laidlaw Room, 6th Floor, Chrystal Macmillan Building, 15a, George Square, Edinburgh

When: 12.30-1400. Tuesday, 8 Nov 2022

This presentation explores what extensive wage outmigration has done to love in a community of Western Tamang in north central Nepal, where I have been engaged in ethnographic fieldwork since 1975. Where 66% of working-age men, and an increasing 8% of women, no longer live to work in the village, the transformations are dramatic, not only in economic and public community life, but at the heart of people’s intimate relations–with spouses, siblings, and parents. These changes are, of course, rooted in prior, so-called ‘traditional’, relationship values; they also transform them considerably, but not always in predictable or negative ways.

This seminar will be chaired by Dr Josep Chanza, Geography, University of Edinburgh

Key speakers

  • Prof. Kathryn S. March, Graduate Professor and Professor Emerita, Cornell University

Partner institutions

  • Centre for South Asian Studies and Department of Social Anthropology, University of Edinburgh

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