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Announcement: Annual Lecture 2013 (by Piers Blaike, on 28 Nov. 2013)

September 10, 2013

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This year’s BNAC Annual Lecture will be delivered by Piers Blakie. The programme will be held at SOAS in the evening of 28th November 2013.

Details of the programme: Leture Theme: Reflections on Thirty Years of Research in Nepal: The Politics of Subjects, Researchers and AudiencesBy: Piers Blaikie

Date: 28 November 


Time: 6:00 8:00 PM

Venue: SOAS, University of London, Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG

Room: Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre

Type of Event: Annual Lecture


There are five key linked questions about research in Nepal and the changes that have occurred over the past thirty years. Who does the research (nationality, gender, class, disciplinary background)? What are the institutional and financial aspects of the research? What issues does resea

rch focus on? Who are the audiences for research knowledge? Does it contribute to progressive changes in government policy and civil society? Three main hypotheses are examined to answer these questions:

  1. Donor funding and scarcity of Nepalese sources has meant that specific development issues which interest bi-lateral and multi-lateral donors dominate research output.
  2. There has been a “swadeshi” movement in encouraging a more symmetrical co-production of research with more Nepalese nationals framing their own research issues.
  3. A seemingly contradictory process to (2) continues, that of “underdevelopment” of independent Nepalese research undertaken by Nepalese scholars, NGOs, activists and local organisations, with some exceptions.
  4. There is a widespread “disconnect” between policy relevant research and policy making at national level, perhaps less so at the NGO and local level.

Organiser: Britain Nepal Academic Council (BNAC)

Contact email: Prof. Michael Hutt [mh8@soas.ac.uk]

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