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BNAC Statement: ‘End the Political Crisis in Nepal and Indo-Nepal Relations’ Britain - Nepal Academic Council

BNAC Statement: ‘End the Political Crisis in Nepal and Indo-Nepal Relations’


09/11/2015 London

Issuing a press statement today, Britain Nepal Academic Council (BNAC) have expressed deep concerns about the current political situation in Nepal, and crisis in the Nepal-India relations.

The Executive Committee of the BNAC, which consists of 14 academics from the universities of Durham, Edinburgh, Leeds, Limerick, London, and Oxford, and from the Centre for Nepal Studies UK, have condemned the violence used by both the Nepalese state and a minority of Madheshi movement supporters in confronting each other and other people. Similarly, they have condemned: the unofficial blockade imposed by the Indian state, which has caused considerable hardship for the people of Nepal and severe damage to the economy; any rise and potential spread of communalism or racism between different groups; and complacent and narrowly self-interested attitudes of the majority of senior Nepali politicians for their apathy to defuse the situation through negotiations.

They have called upon the Government of Nepal and Madheshi political leaders and activists to shun violence, engage in political negotiations, and agree for the early resolution of the issues through constitutional amendments in order to “averting the looming humanitarian crisis in Nepal”.

The statement also urges the Government of India “to ensure that the rights of Nepal as a land-locked country under international law are respected, that the vulnerability of Nepal is recognised, and that the smooth flow of goods, including essential supplies, across the Indo-Nepal border remains unimpeded.” Similarly, the statement asks Britain as a major bilateral donor in encouraging parties to end the crisis.

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Note to editors:

The Britain-Nepal Academic Council was established on 23 May 2000 at a large meeting at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London of British academics and researchers interested in various aspects of Nepal. The objective of the Council is to promote academic and scholarly links between Britain and Nepal through, inter alia, collaborative research, exchange programmes and organisation of annual lectures, and seminars on areas of mutual interest to both British and Nepali academics and researchers. Prof. Surya Subedi, who was the founding chairperson of the Council, served in this capacity for ten years before handing over responsibilities to Prof. Michael Hutt in 2009. Prof. David Gellner, who is the current Chairman, took the position on 25 April 2014.




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